Tarot Readings & Energy Work

My tarot card readings are unique and untraditional. I don’t always go by the meaning of the cards; the art is the main instrument I use to read. During a reading, I will turn off “myself” and allow my brain to be an open receiver to any messages I see within the art or simply by interacting with you. I love to give my clients a positive and insightful experience so that they can walk away with the confidence or confirmation they needed. And while yes, I am the reader, you are the one who is in charge of your life. I’m simply there to reflect and help you sort it out with the help of guides. 

I have created and cast healing and positive energy spells for my family, friends, and colleagues with positive results. Each spell is crafted for you and your situation, whether that be healing or a goal that you want to achieve. Sorry, I don’t do love spells to get someone to love you. I will, however, do spells for self-love so that you attract the right partner to you! 

Head to my Etsy shop, The Stephanie Gallery, for prices and packages. 

*For ethical reasons, I will not perform readings or spells that pertain to legal or medical matters. I will, however, cast spells for personal strength.  

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