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List of Persons who qualify for the Discounted Rate at end of page

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Tarot Reading
One, two, or three questions or general assessment, Zoom or Google Hangout 45 minutes

$25.00 First Reading

$50.00 Regular Rate

$25.00 Discounted Rate

Tarot Reading Video
One, two, or three questions or general assessment filmed over video

$25.00 First Reading

$50.00 Regular Rate

$25.00 Discounted Rate

Tarot Reading Email/Phone
One, two, or three questions orgeneral assessment via one phone call (45 mins) or email

$25.00 First Reading

$50.00 Regular Rate

$25.00 Discounted Rate

Candle Ritual & Energy Work

Before the Candle Ritual & Energy Work is initiated, an assessment of your need will be made during the tarot reading or by written request (google form provided during checkout) without a tarot reading. During the ritual, I monitor the candle for any activity and document it. At the end of the 3 days, I will email you the results along with pictures.

Cleansing, Strength, Attract Success, Healing, Self Love, Protection, Creative Energy, Embracing and Reframing Anger are some of the many areas I specialize in.

I do not perform “love spells” for a specific person; love spells were cast towards myself and I find them extremely harmful. I will perform a “attract the right person” ritual in lieu of.

3 Day Candle Ritual & Energy Work with Tarot Reading
One hour tarot reading zoom or google hangout (video, phone, or email reading upon request) and energy work through candle ritual. Results of burn with pictures will be sent by email after the ritual is complete.

$150.00 Regular Rate

$100.00 Discounted Rate

3 Day Candle Ritual
Energy work through candle ritual for one intention. Results of burn with pictures will be sent by email after the ritual is complete.

$60.00 Regular Rate

$45.00 Discounted Rate

Dream Interpretation with Tarot Reading
One hour by zoom, google hangout, or phone. Video or email reading by request.

$60.00 Regular Rate

$45.00 Discounted Rate

Intuitive, Spiritual, & Grief Coaching Services

Packages consist of 4 (Four) One Hour sessions tailored to fit your specific needs and includes a therapeutic Live Poetry experience by Violet Vela (ig: violet_vela)

A One Hour Consultation Fee of $50.00 (tarot reading included upon request) is required before purchasing Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive or Grief Coaching services. While I have methods and practices in place, they are not a “one size fits all” and any necessary adjustments are essential so that you can reap the full benefits of my spiritual work and coaching. The $50.00 fee will be credited to your package and can be purchased at my store or in the links below.

If you have been diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, you will need written permission from your healthcare provider (doctor, nurse practitioner) before services.

Grief Coaching Services are designed by personality and type of grief experience. Some people may never stop grieving the loss of a loved one and that’s okay. And others want to move on and that’s okay too. Either way, I am here to provide methods to help you manage your grief in a way that’s best for you. I will also honor and weave your religious preferences into your care plan. I work with atheists as well. End of relationships and the passing of animal family members (aka pets) also apply.

Intuitive Coaching is designed to help you understand that “internal radar” or “sixth sense” we are born with and how to apply it to your life in order to achieve your goals…be it self love or wanting to know what or which next road to take in life. Spiritual/Energy work and researched methods are included.

Spiritual Counseling is designed to help you develop methods and spiritual practices in order to help you cope with current stresses that could be due to work, relationships, toxic relationships, covid, terminal illness, embracing and reframing anger, or as a supplement to therapy.

If you have suffered from a life alternating traumatic experience (or PTSD) I will take you on as a client. However, at any point during our time together that I see a need for therapy, I will guide you to local resources while still providing services.

Session Packages Base Rate (Four 1 Hr sessions):

$500 ($450 after consultation fee is applied)

Discounted Base Rate (Four 1 Hour Sessions):

$400 ($350 after consultation fee is applied)

Be A Better Man Coaching is something I do on a case by case basis and is intended to help cisgendered heterosexual men who want to improve their listening and communication skills. We will also work together to help you connect with and understand empathy and how it applies to your relationships and life.

Spiritual work is optional and pricing for these coaching sessions is based upon the specific needs of the individual and how much work will be involved. A non refundable Consultation Fee for these services is $100.00 and will be applied as a credit to your custom package. Discounts if qualified.

Please fill out this form to schedule a consultation.


I will not read tarot, provide intuitive and spiritual work for medical reasons (exception made for those with a terminal or life altering illness), or financial (market trends, investments, lotto tickets, etc.). I will not perform mediumship services in order to locate missing persons; it’s not my area of expertise. I will, however, provide services to missing person survivors and their families with mediumship applied as a means of coping and healing. To note, anything involving sensitive information related to a court case, a crime under investigation, or an unreported crime should not be a reason to seek my services. Please take the appropriate steps and reach out to professionals or non-profits for such matters. 

I reserve the right not to provide services for any client should I see that they will not practical or constructive to their situation.

If you have been diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, you will need written permission from your healthcare provider (doctor, nurse practitioner) before we start intuitive or spiritual counseling services.

Consultation Fees are Non Refundable

Discount Rates Apply for the following Persons

BIPOC, Latine, & All Communities of Color


Survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, or sex trafficking

Sex Workers

Employees of nonprofits that support underrepresented communities of color, poor, ending domestic violence, reproductive health, human rights, etc.


Customer Service Employees (cashiers, phone/chat support agents, etc.)

Medical Frontline (caretakers, nurse aides, nurses, hospital support staff, doctors, EMT, paramedics, and firefighters)

Essential Workers (gig apps, restaurants, maintenance, etc.)


Social Workers

Spiritual and Light Workers

IF YOU ARE FEELING SUICIDAL PLEASE CALL 1-800-273-8255 or head to suicidepreventionlifeline.org to chat

LGBTQAI YOUTH: Text START to 678-678, call 1-866-488-7386, or visit thetrevorproject.org

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CALL 1-800-799-SAFE(7233), TTY 1-800-787-3224, or head to thehotline.org

Special requests or needs? Please contact me at stephvelandertarot@gmail.com

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