Death Doula Services

“A Death Doula is a non-medical person trained to care for someone holistically (physically, emotionally and spiritually) at the end of life. Death Doulas are also known around the world as: end of life coaches, soul midwives, transition guides. death coaches, doula to the dying, end of life doulas, death midwives, and end of life guides.” – 

My Approach

I’ve been death positive all of my life, which places me in a unique position in this moment in time. I also understand that the elements surrounding the death experience are different for every person.

My style is unique. I am sincere, honest, and thoughtful. I am an empath and quickly adapt to the people I serve. I am careful to gage emotional temperatures and reflect or counteract accordingly as necessary. If cracking dry jokes about your diagnosis is what you need, I am happy to entertain that. If you need to cry or yell, I am here to listen. If you need to hear gentle words and reassurance, I am there to give them to you.

I am agnostic and nonsectarian. Should you need me to celebrate your faith with you, I am more than happy to pray, read religious texts, or sing songs with you.

My Focus

Persons who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, disease, or virus

Caregivers losing their loved one to a terminal illness, disease, or virus. And caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Grief Coaching

Survivors of suicide loss

Survivors of pet loss 


Consultations are necessary to determine your specific needs and tailor care plans and are free. Please fill out this form or email me at


One Hour is $50, Every Session thereafter is $70

Two Hour sessions are $100, Every Two Hour session thereafter is $140


Weekly $150: 3 Days of One Hour Sessions

Monthly $400: 8 Hours devoted to hourly sessions or tailored assistance

Monthly Plus $750: 15 Hours devoted to your tailored assistance that may include hourly sessions, funeral planning, reaching out to friends, seeking resources, or any other service discussed in our initial consultation. 

Rates for special accommodations or requests will vary. Payment is required in full before services begin. 

I am available Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm

Discounted rates available for LGBTQAI persons, African and Latinx communities, and members of the military.

For questions email me :

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