Stephanie Vela Anderson

Artist, Medium, Writer

My goal is to bring grounding and normalization to spiritual growth and self-awareness. I am multiracial, third-generation Mexican American and Nordic. I’ve inherited my energy work, intuitive and healing abilities from both ancestral lines. I have developed my own unique practices using a mixture of my inherited traits and proven methods (like CBT) in my work.

Since childhood, I have believed that science and spirituality are interwoven. Currently, they are growing closer to merging as one collective source that will usher us into the new chapter of human evolution.

We all have a sixth sense; it is both mystical and real. It only seems abstract because of the ways we have been taught to view and live life. Learning how to decode your sixth sense is part of the process of getting in touch with yourself and the interconnection we all share on this pale blue dot.

I did not see myself becoming a Spiritual Worker. In fact, I continuously avoided it throughout my life due to my own skepticism and disbelief. And I believe that skepticism was fostered by patriarchal colonialism through channels like organized religion, public education, nationalism, and mediums like film, television, advertising, and other forms subliminal of art produced with nefarious intentions.

Your Voice, Your Light, Your Creative Energy, Your Gut Feelings, Your Heart is all part of one experience we share together here on Earth. And I am more than happy to help you find your own unique rhythm. Or be that conductor, connected to that one universal rhythm and deliver the messages that you need to hear.

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